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Our Mission Statement

Our heartfelt desire is to provide an unforgettable experience to our clients and guide them in making sound decorating decisions that reflect their individual taste; and deliver the highest level of customer service, personal care, and attention to every detail of their decorating experience. Mission accomplished when our clients oooh and aaah about their newly designed spaces.

Are you looking for an interior decorator to help give your home that WOW factor? Have you tried other designers and not gotten what you need? Do you fear that their services will give your sticker shock?

Do you have decorating ideas you want to try? Have you purchased window treatments or design products and find that you need help figuring out how to do it yourself?

You are in the right place for both.

We are proud to call Richmond, Virginia home. Our main focus has always been helping your create a home you will love to live in.

We do that by providing an unforgettable experience. Our clients tell us that other designers they hired in the past did not give them the level of service they were expecting and did not follow through. They were very disappointed. Our goal is to over-deliver to our clients. That is what makes us different.

Whether you want to spruce up your home with things you already have, or want to redecorate a couple of rooms or go for our full service to design your whole home, we can help every step of the way. We also have some great affordable do-it-yourself products and e-books for handy people who want to dive in themselves.

If you are not sure yet and just want some information, here are four things you can do today.

  • Sign up in the box at the top right hand corner of this page and you will get our free decorating e-book "New Homeowners Guide to Decorating" and a subscription to our design e-newsletter.
  • Click HERE to check out our DIY Resources page and see if that can get you started.
  • Click HERE to see all of our services and find out how we work.

You will love our exclusive White Glove Service© for all your decorating needs. You will get all the pampering you deserve and your wallet will get the break it needs.


Linda Hunt

Interior Decorator & Owner

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Call us today to begin your home's interior design transition!

Creatively Yours Custom


PO Box 15835
Richmond, Virginia 23227

Phone 804-746-0255

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