Interior Design That Takes Care of You From Start to Finish

Do you feel that sense of overwhelm when starting a new interior design project? There are many decisions  to be made and it always starts with trying to figure out where to start and where to come up with ideas. That is where I come in. I can create a design geared to your taste and needs, manage the major and minor issues that crop up, get some great ideas for you and then work a plan to see your design project succeed.

I Want to Know You and Your Needs

There is a three-fold process that I use to bring me up to speed and get in sync with you and your design project. First, I recommend you download my free e-book “Homeowners Guide to Decorating”.It is a great way to start! Secondly, you can ask me questions, talk about your design dilemmas or what is on your mind about your home on my contact form. Then, if you are ready to set an appointment with me, I will email you my pre-visit questionnaire that asks for further information about you and your design project that will further help me to help you.

The Next Step in Your Home

Our first meeting will be at your home mainly because that is the best place for me to see what you want to work on. I will have questions now that will be more specific about the design needs and wants for this project. I will take lots of pictures Then and only then will I have enough information to come up with interior design ideas and create something special for your home

This is a friendly collaboration..

This is your home and I strongly believe that this is a joint effort that involving both of us. I will input directions, recommendations and suggestions as needed. There is a reason why many of my clients find their experience with me to be friendly and no pressure. I will not have it any other way.

My Guidance Along the Way

I am able to help you with all elements of interior design. With my 30 plus years of experience in this field, I know window treatments, color schemes, flooring, decorating and furniture very well and can spec out any pieces your design needs. I want you to feel relaxed and confident with me that your interiors will reflect you very nicely. Check out some of the testimonials from my clients. Then call me, I will take it from there. Let’s get the ball rolling and the design ideas flowing!