Love to go to the movies? Would you like to be able to walk down the hall into your own home theater room and get that same experience? It is very doable and not as difficult as you might think. I can help you pull together all the theater elements to create your perfect cinematic experience.

Sound proofing is important to achieve the full effect. Flooring, wall panels and fabrics all add to controlling the sound in the room-think padded surfaces. There are some wonderful decorative padded panels that achieve the necessary result. Carpeting and draperies also help absorb sound.
Seating for your theater can be recliners, love seats or padded chairs or chaises. The goal here is to furnish your theater with comfortable seating. Drink holders and snack trays can be added to your seating. And if you do not want people eating at your seating, a full length counter behind the seating area will be a great place for your munchies.
Lighting and audio/visual will also be a part of your theater. More on that later.
Would you like to learn more? Call or email me and let’s talk. Enjoy the movie!